IIT Madras to conduct the Gate 2019 Entrance in the month of February

And finally, after the gate 2018 examination and its score card release, the next year’s gate examination to be conducted by the IITM. This is done on a rotation basis. ie, every year one of the seven nodal IITs and IISc bangalore conducts the examination. Last years examination was organized by IIT Guwahati and the results was awesome.

This year Madras IIT is gonna organize the gate exam and the complete authority relies on them. The official website of the gate portal of the authority will be released soon. After the official confirmation is available we will update the information her on mocking jay so that the gate aspirants can get in touch with the important news and notification related to the upcoming GATE 2019 entrance examination.

While the exam notification is not yet out, aspirants can start the exam preparation now itself. Generally one can prepare for the exam within 6 months, but if you get more time it will be better to practice more. Just remember the famous quote “Practice make a man perfect”. So start the preparation as soon as possible. Solve as many question as possible. Never give up. You have to tr your level best to crack the examination in this year itself.

GATE Exam Application Process

GATE online applications will be started for year 2018-19 session and you may fill online applications after 1st September 2018. GATE applications can be filled online and you will need your enrollment id and password to apply online. You will have to visit GATE login page and fill the respective details along with application fee and respective documents.

You may login to your GOAPS from here. You will have to fill your enrollment ID and password in GOAPS setup given below.

If you have forgotten your Enrollment ID or Password, then you can click in the “Forgot Enrollment ID or Password” button. You will have to enter your OTP to login or reset your GOAPS password. You may request a new OTP (One Time Password) which will be sent to your contact details.

You may bookmark this webpage or Like our official facebook fan page to get further details about GOAPS and login details. Respective links for further information are given here.

GATE is really a pioneer and prominent exam for engineering graduates. Every B.Tech pass student is looking to crack the GATE exam but it isn’t very much easy and really a hard milestone to achieve, require huge hard work and more over the right guidance. Thousand of institute is involve in the business of GATE preparation and thousands of students engage in these institutes for GATE preparations. Very few of them provide the valuable material to the students but some of them provide the best not only to the students but also to those students who keen to learn more. The first thing you should do is to download gate 2019 syllabus and start preparing for the exam at the earliest.

GATE 2019 Answer Keys

Made easyis the institute which provide the solutions as the exam over. Their answer is available for each and every student who appeared the exam and looking for the solutions. They are very famous for not only their preparations they also famous for the solutions of various exams.

They provide instant solutions for every exam. They upload the GATE 2019 answer key made easy on the page of their official website. Candidate can download the same anytime after the exam and compare it with their performance whatever he/she did in the examination hall. You can also get same form their Face book page.

We are also upload the GATE 2019 answer key on our website. Candidate can also download the answer key form the below mention links.  They can also get the same via subscribe their mail on our website. You may get the answer key via E-mail.

PSU cut off marks of GATE 2019

The public sector undertakings are owned by central government or state government. The PSUs are included in the list of companies in the public sector. The Indian PSU allows the candidates to get a job and recruitment is done by different forms. The PSU recruitment has various job positions. Based on the PSU cutoff marks of GATE 2019, a candidate can get a job. The eligibility criteria depend on the different application for the jobs. The cutoff is based on the section.

The cutoff mark varies from one position of job to another.  The cut off is provided for an individual PSU and for different PSU which is based on the PSU recruitment. Some of the PSU names are ONGC India, coal India, NHPC, BHPL, Powergrid, THDC and MDL, etc. The students who are scoring the cutoff based on each position, then they will be allocated for that position. Students attempting GATE 2019 can apply to PSU recruitment process for getting a job.

GATE 2019 Expected cut off for NITs

Every year the number of candidates appearing for GATE exam were getting increased.  The GATE Score is very important for the candidates who want to choose the best institutions for their postgraduate courses.   The average score of GATE is defined as the cut off mark. This cut off mark calculation is fully depend upon the total number of candidates appearing for the examination.  And the cut off mark will vary for different streams according to the applicants applying in the particular stream.

As per last year cut off marks we have provided these expected cut off marks for NITs in GATE 2019. These cut off marks may very from the original cut offs. You can check them at Gate Counsellor.

All the NITs will conduct the counseling process known as CCMT. Through this counseling, The NITs take admission in ME/M.Tech courses or programs.  The candidate who qualifies GATE exam are required to apply for CCMT. Then only they will allow to choose their courses and college of their own choice. This process is called as choice filling.  The Cut off for NITs will differ according to different stream.  The cutoff score for this year will be higher for all departments, since the number of candidates appeared for last year is low when compared to this year.

MockingJay.net to Provide Scholarship for GATE 2018 Toppers

And finally mockingjay.net is about to provide scholarship to gate 2018 toppers. The decision is taken in the annual meet of the management team this year. Initially it is decided to give scholarship to the candidates who secure the one of the top 50 positions in the upcoming Gate 2018 examination.

The gate 2018 results are gonna publish in the month of March and after the announcement of results, the All India Rank will also be available for every candidate. Once the AIR is out at the official website, candidates have to apply for the scholarship by filling up the form in mockingjay.net. The application form will be released at the time of result announcement.

Below given are some tips to secure good marks and rank under 50.

Definitely, you might be a new entry to write a Exam GATE 2018 or old entry motivated yourself to get passed at least this time with the best GATE score. Before going for the tips how to prepare and how to get clear the GATE 2018 pass in 6 Months. It is essential you gain the two precious quality yourself to do the GATE 2018 preparations in an extraordinary way such as productivity and creativity. When your inner productivity, strength, build on strong foundations. It will be easy to you done a task of GATE 2018 pass in 6 Months. Hereby We are mentioning productivity is nothing but hardwork and creative i.e Smartwork. There is more valuable in understanding the personal productivity.

Within 6 months GATE 2018 Preparation, it must to enhance the Personal productivity such as:

  • Avoid procrastination
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Positive attitude
  • Stable mindset-yoga and physical activity
  • Optimum nutrients
  • Enough sleep

This productivity skill will tend your route to think creatively without a doubt. Hence help to prepare and made you to pass GATE 2018. Now study the information about the 6 month preparation Tips for GATE 2018

Study the GATE Syllabus first to get the clear ideas to How to Prepare for GATE 2018.

Take a note or diary write easy and difficult subject according to your perspective.

Again filter out, the important syllabus of Gate 2018 Preparation in the separate sheets of diary or note.

It is important to create a time table or chart for GATE 2018 six months pass preparation.

In this time table, do not focus only your favorite subjects to cover so take on every subject where cover first three months with important syllabus.

Meanwhile, it is Necessary to taking place a revision daily or week wise and avail the best materials to study by deep understanding of each subject.

For more details regarding the gate 2018 result announcement and all India ranks just visit and go through this article.

MockingJay.net team wishes you a good luck…

Natalie Dormer agreed to shave her head completely for ‘Mockingjay’

Natalie Dormer of Game of Thrones, who is playing Cressida in Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2, revealed that her original agreement with the studio was that she was going to have to shave her entire head for the role – like the character is described. She told Independent.ie:

“When I got the job a few months ago, it was under the condition that I was going to lose all my hair, which I’d made my peace with.

“Thankfully, a U-turn meant I only lost half, which was a huge bonus.

“But it’s just a colossal production to be a part of and the joy of being able to get physical and run around with Jen [Lawrence] and the boys, is fantastic and long overdue for me.

“It’s frustrating when you’re Margaery Tyrell and the likelihood of getting a sword in your hand is pretty low.”


Do you love her half-shaved hair?


Stunning fan-made ‘Mockingjay – Part 1′ movie poster

Grodansnagel created this amazing poster for Mockingjay – Part 1 featuring Katniss standing in the rubble of revolution. I can’t wait to hear Jennifer utter the line, “If we burn, you burn with us.” Can you?

We’re all pretty sure that will be the tagline! This movie is going to be so heart-breaking and saddening, and it won’t even be AS heart-breaking or saddening as Part 2. We’re in for lots and lots of heartache! See the full poster below:

LISTEN: ‘Mockingjay’ inspired song by Kat Robichaud – “Burn” (Katniss Theme)

You need to listen to this absolutely awesome Mockingjay inspired song by Kat Rinchaud! The song is titled “Burn” and has some really hard-hitting lyrics directly inspired by the book.

“Fire is catching, I burn…you burn too.”

Kat currently has a Kickstarter campaign going on to fund her debut album, and for just $2 you can help her out, and also get a digital copy of it when it’s released! I certainly want to get her album when it comes out, she’s extremely talented, don’t you think?

Click here to head to her album’s kickstarter!

‘Catching Fire’ DVD featurette highlights cinematography

Yahoo! has released a new featurette that highlights the differences between Catching Fire and Hunger Games – specifically, their cinematography. Producer of the movie, Nina Jacobson of Color Force, and director of photography, Jo Willems, talk their decision to shoot on film – and more!

I loved how much the world opened up in Catching Fire, the entire atmosphere just felt more real to me. The second Hunger Gamesfilm will be available on DVD and digital download on March 7th, 2014.

Nina Jacobson tweets about Tigris make-up and production design

Nina Jacobson, producer of The Hunger Games movies, tweeted at her account @NinaJacobson about the Tigris Mockingjay scene! Really does make the fact that the final book is really being made more real, doesn’t it? She shares that the character is coming to life on screen wonderfully, and that the set is also spectacular. Read her tweets below:


Don’t remember who Tigris is? Has it been a bit long since you last read the book? No worries! Tigris is a shopkeeper in the capitol, and she sells fur-lined clothing. She used to be a coveted stylist (like Cinna), but has since faded to obscurity. She surgically altered her face to be able to look like a tiger – giving her a very shocking appearance. It is said that she was banned from being a stylist because she was too-altered to appear on television. Must be pretty extreme if that’s the case, right? I can’t wait to see the makeup!

In Mockingjay, our heroes take up shelter in Tigris’ store, and she gifts Katniss some furry underthings.

Two new ‘Catching Fire’ behind-the-scenes images

Two new behind-the-scenes photos from Catching Fire have been released ahead of the March 7th DVD date! Both feature Francis Lawrence, the director of both Catching Fire and the final two Mockingjay films, in action. In one photo, he’s on the game-maker control room set, and in the other, it looks like he’s directing the shots where we see Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) in the audience during the interviews. It’s cool to see, since in the photo you can tell they shot the audience scenes on a green screen!

Antonius actor Robert Knepper doesn’t know who his character is

When Robert Knepper was cast as “Antonius” in the adaptations of the final book in The Hunger Games series, we were all a little puzzled. Antonius is a character that was added to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2, he was not found in the books. When asked by MTV, he revealed that even he doesn’t know who this mysterious character is.

“I don’t even know yet!” Knepper said laughing. “I know what I read for. I read, this was last summer… This is a huge movie. This is a huge two movies, and I know that what I got is not what I’ll end up doing, they’re so secretive about this. You’re going to find out when I find out,” Knepper continued. “Well, I’ll find out a little bit sooner than you, but I still haven’t found out for sure!”

An article over on MTV from December lists Antonius as “President Snow’s minister,” which makes us think he’s probably a bad guy (his body of work would hint that as well). However, with this new tidbit from the actor himself, we’re thinking he could be someone entirely different. Maybe the person who tortures Peeta? Ah, I don’t even want to think about it!

Who do you think Antonius is?