Natalie Dormer agreed to shave her head completely for ‘Mockingjay’

Natalie Dormer of Game of Thrones, who is playing Cressida in Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2, revealed that her original agreement with the studio was that she was going to have to shave her entire head for the role – like the character is described. She told

“When I got the job a few months ago, it was under the condition that I was going to lose all my hair, which I’d made my peace with.

“Thankfully, a U-turn meant I only lost half, which was a huge bonus.

“But it’s just a colossal production to be a part of and the joy of being able to get physical and run around with Jen [Lawrence] and the boys, is fantastic and long overdue for me.

“It’s frustrating when you’re Margaery Tyrell and the likelihood of getting a sword in your hand is pretty low.”


Do you love her half-shaved hair?


Stunning fan-made ‘Mockingjay – Part 1′ movie poster

Grodansnagel created this amazing poster for Mockingjay – Part 1 featuring Katniss standing in the rubble of revolution. I can’t wait to hear Jennifer utter the line, “If we burn, you burn with us.” Can you?

We’re all pretty sure that will be the tagline! This movie is going to be so heart-breaking and saddening, and it won’t even be AS heart-breaking or saddening as Part 2. We’re in for lots and lots of heartache! See the full poster below:

LISTEN: ‘Mockingjay’ inspired song by Kat Robichaud – “Burn” (Katniss Theme)

You need to listen to this absolutely awesome Mockingjay inspired song by Kat Rinchaud! The song is titled “Burn” and has some really hard-hitting lyrics directly inspired by the book.

“Fire is catching, I burn…you burn too.”

Kat currently has a Kickstarter campaign going on to fund her debut album, and for just $2 you can help her out, and also get a digital copy of it when it’s released! I certainly want to get her album when it comes out, she’s extremely talented, don’t you think?

Click here to head to her album’s kickstarter!