Mockingjay - Part 1

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Natalie Dormer agreed to shave her head completely for ‘Mockingjay’

Natalie Dormer of Game of Thrones, who is playing Cressida in Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2, revealed that her original agreement with the studio was that she was going to have to shave her entire head for the role – like the character is described. She told

“When I got the job a few months ago, it was under the condition that I was going to lose all my hair, which I’d made my peace with.

“Thankfully, a U-turn meant I only lost half, which was a huge bonus.

“But it’s just a colossal production to be a part of and the joy of being able to get physical and run around with Jen [Lawrence] and the boys, is fantastic and long overdue for me.

“It’s frustrating when you’re Margaery Tyrell and the likelihood of getting a sword in your hand is pretty low.”

Do you love her half-shaved hair?

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  • Stu Noble

    I happen to think it looks sexy as Hell. And she freaking rocks it!

  • Ron

    she looks incredible even bold she would look HOT!

  • death2analog

    I believe this gives it that ‘Capitol Haute Couture’ edge that they’ve been creating.

    In the books the Capitol sounds weirder and more circus like, in the movies it looks more sophisticated and I think this fits for her character.

    • Kimmy West

      I totally agree!

    • Mario Prince-Charming

      Gary Ross said that same thing lol…and I agree. I think Book-Capital would not have transitioned to film that well. However, some fans are upset about that.

      • death2analog

        I certainly don’t want to see burning cows costumes at the tributes parade, haha!

  • Melissa Jensen

    I don’t like the haircut but it fits the whole Capitol look very well, so in that case, I think it’s perfect for the role!