Mockingjay - Part 1

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‘Mockingjay’ filming in Atlanta, Paris, and Berlin (+ wrap date estimated)

Buried in a new interview from Independent with Natalie Dormer, who plays Cressida in Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2, some filming schedule specifics were shared:

Shooting continues in Atlanta until the end of March, before moving to Paris and Berlin, with a wrap date looking to be around the beginning of June.

I wonder which scenes they’re shooting in Paris, France and Berlin, Germany? The more I think about the Mockingjay movies, the more I realize how heartbreaking they will be. However, they’ll be amazing heartbreak – it’ll be worth it!

Also, Natalie Dormer talked about her half-shaved hair for Mockingjay!

Click here to read all about it.

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  • Ron

    Paris, France, Berlin¿? really interesting… i could only imagine they will shoot outdoors of the beautiful places that must be there…

  • Danielle

    OMG!!! I love it!! I could really see the streets of Paris & Berlin to be the Capitol specially war-torn Capitol, but what i am most excited is Berlin, Damn! I could totally see the Nazi Architecture being used in war like scenes as i always relate Mockingjay to World War II. Especially the Tempelhof Airport, as it gives a World War, Military headquarters vibe, i could also see the Brandenburg Gate being used as it is just breathtakingly beautiful & a powerful structure, & even the graffitis on the street of Berlin. I Love it!!

  • Paige

    Very cool! I agree that the Europe filming will probably be the invasion of the Capitol and the war torn streets there.

  • Ida Marie Holm Nygaard

    They probaly use berlins pretty buildings as the capitol and gardens in paris as Snows garden. I don’t know how Atlanta looks but maybe it’s district 13?!

  • Sagittaria

    I live in Germany and the official Berlin webpage write that The Airport Tempelhof was booked by lionsgate. For The people who don’t know The Airport Tempelhof is an empty Airport with many underground tunnles which are partly destroyed. It looks like a war zone. so i would say they will film the fight in The Capitol or the underground scenes

    • Kimmy West

      Do you have a translation of where you read this? If you do, I’d love to post about it – email!

      • Sagittaria

        I read it in January. I can try to find it again. And then make a translation.

        • Kimmy West

          Ah, okay! Well no worries if it’s too hard to find, but I’d love to write about this since I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere. :D

    • Hana

      Try these two links to get a sense of the many Templelhofer spaces that are perfect for Mockingjay. The tunnels and huge open areas are scary and just how I’d pictured the final battle settings. It’s going to be awesome!

      • Kimmy West

        Woah, AWESOME! Thank you!

  • Sagittaria

    oh and a question. Is there an exact date when they will be in Paris/Berlin? Because I live not so far form both Citys. So maybe I make a little Paris/Berlin trip when they are there.

    • Maria

      I’d love to know that as well! Anybody knows something about that? :)

  • frank ford

    September to June! WOW! That is a super long shoot!

  • ernest schoenmakers

    Does anybody know about the filmlocation in Paris?