WATCH: Academy Awards ‘Heroes’ montage features ‘The Hunger Games’

March 4, 2014

Last night at the Oscars, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire were both featured in a montage that highlighted cinematic heroes! The scenes included were the reaping, a flash of the mockingjay pin, plus the exciting moment from the end of Catching Fire where Katniss has to make a split second decision about where to shoot her arrow. Needless to say, when I saw it, I had a mini-freakout! Watch it below:

The person who uploaded it gave it the title “Sexist Heroes Montage” and cited the fact that there are way more men included (and even robots) than women. Thankfully, Katniss is in the mix, but what do you think? Is the video sexist, or is Hollywood (as we all know) pretty sexist, itself? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Courtney

    I don’t think the montage was outwardly sexist.. it is unfortunately just a sad fact that more movies have been made about male heroes than female heroes! Though female heroine movies are on the rise so give it a few years and hopefully the gender ratio in a hero montage will be more evenly balanced!

    • TeamButtercup

      They were other female heroes such as Ripley and Lara Croft from couple decades ago but they should have been there.

      • mse63

        Ripley did appear for a moment though. The first thing I noticed otherwise was how much Man Of Steel clips they used, even though the movie wasn’t even such an enormous success. If they were going for Superman, they could’ve at least used something from the Chrostopher Reeve era.

        Overall, it’s a pretty random montage. It’s like when they decided last year to do an homage to musicals, when in truth it was just the producers wanting an excuse to include Chicago in the ceremony. I’m not saying that the whole theme thing that they did this year and last is an inherently bad idea, but it is, if they’re doing it in such a half-assed way.

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  • Skyelar

    Happy to see for once Harry Potter getting a little bit of official recognition from Hollywood seeing as those amazing movies were snubbed for 8 years. On the other hand no Jason Stratham? No Mila Jovovich? No Vin Diesel or Paul Walker? No Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern? There were plenty of Marvel characters in there appeared to be a limit on DC characters…

  • Jessica Porter

    I LOVE that speech from Independence day!!

  • Jessica Porter

    I think it was great