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Amazing Disney / Pixar style ‘The Hunger Games’ poster

March 5, 2014

JordieBo on Tumblr has created this absolutely awesome The Hunger Games poster, in the style of Disney / Pixar animation! See the full poster below:


Thanks to Welcome to District 12 for bringing this to my attention!

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  • iProtectPrim

    Did you guys see the one from frozen? They did Elsa in her ice gown, in negatives, and it looked like Katniss in her interview dress!! It was all red and black and perfect. My god.

  • death2analog

    That’s quite a lot of work, but they messed up:

    Both the mutt and tracker jackers should blend with the background… That also looks like Katniss regular clothes and not her arena outfit, which the background implies.

    But other than that, congrats, that must have taken hours as I said and looks extremely well done.

    • Mario Prince-Charming

      A poster does not have to make sense. The REAL Hunger Games poster shows Katniss in her arena outfit during the Tribute Parade

    • Plat

      Composition-wise, it is necessary to have the mut and the hive be colored to stand out. Movie posters are meant to make the main things stand out.

  • Abigail

    That is so adorable!! I would totally watch that version of the film if it existed

  • Annie

    it’s very good! But clothes aren’t the same clothes who she wear in the arena… and this “princess” has the same face of the princess Anna in Frozen! She’s my favourite princess because we have the same name ;) excusme for the errors, I’m not american or english, I’m italian and I am too young. bye bye from Italy!

  • Autumn maito

    Omigosh, that looks awesome! are you guys actually making the Hunger Games an animation? if so, I think you might have to PG it. ;)