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Get ready to laugh at the Catching Fire “Honest Trailer”

March 9, 2014

The “Honest Trailers” channel has released their honest trailer for Catching Fire! These are always hilarious, and this one is no exception. I loved the “now that’s how Buttercup is supposed to look,” line…because seriously, “was that so hard?”

“Starring baby Thor, Ryan Seacrest, and a totally average down to earth girl, just like you!”

Watch the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments section below:

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  • Courtney

    This is hilarious! I was actually crying from laughter!!

  • TeamButtercup

    But seriously….why does the Hunger Games have promotional tie in with SUBWAY!?

    • Ysabel

      it sponsored it

  • InigoMontoya

    “Now that’s how Buttercup is supposed to look. Was that so hard, guys?”

  • death2analog

    Not bad, cake balls, not bad!

  • Alexis

    Not bad, cake boss, not bad.

  • Melody Chien

    Lost it at BABY THOR!! And Yoda! And Matthew Mcconaughey!

  • ThainĂ¡


  • Abigail

    I love this one!!!! I really didn’t like the honest trailer for the first movie even though I love most of the honest trailers, because he was really just taking a bash at that one, but this one is genuinely funny and all in good humour

  • saffron

    I love how at the end when katniss is angry he says fine I’ll buy the movie! Lol

  • Ysabel

    Honest trailers set me off. Way to make a living by insulting everything, guys. Get a life.

    • Berry

      It’s only a joke. :)
      They’re made FOR the fans.

  • asdfghjk

    hahahaha…. :D poor Peeta

  • cameron barnes

    I love the end when Katniss is mad and the guy said ” fine ill go see the next movie.”

  • Neha Kapoor