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March 11, 2014

We’re looking for new staff members at! When you join, you’ll start out as a staff writer, and as we get to know each-other you may be promoted to other areas of the site.

I made a short form below, just copy and paste it into an email, and message it over to:

1. What’s your name, and how old are you?
2. What country do you live in?
3. Do you have any WordPress or HTML experience?
4. Write a short paragraph about Jennifer Lawrence securing the role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games (as if it was breaking news and you were writing an article).
5. What is your schedule like? How often would you be able to post news?
6. Why do you want to join
7. Do you have a blog or website where I can check out some of your other work?

That’s it! I’ll be looking for 5 new writers to start out with, and then we’ll go from there. I’m looking forward to expanding our team, and meeting you all! ;)

Kimmy is the founder and editor in chief of When she's not writing about books and movies here or on Page to Premiere, she loves Tumblr-ing, eating sushi, drinking Thai iced tea, or being lazy with her cat Rue! Her twitter is @kimmymary.

  • Audrey Kennedy

    So pumped! I’ve already got my application ready to send! :D I’m so, so glad you guys don’t mind too much if you’re only 15 or 16 (Well, that’s what Page to Premiere said on their application page when I checked to see if there was restrictions against age), because I have wanted to be a staff writer for lots of sites, but I was always too young. Which doesn’t make sense, because aren’t I the target audience? Haha.

    • Kimmy West

      Haha, great!

  • sierra labelle

    When’s the deadline?

    • Kimmy West

      No deadline, just until I find 5 new folks that fit our team! I’ll post an intro when they all join and are initiated into the family. :D

  • jessygt

    This is awesome! I’ve already sent the e-mail :)

    • Kimmy West


  • Eleanor

    Will you let us know if you accept or deny our application? (I worry about waiting and waiting and never knowing lol).

    • Audrey Kennedy

      Haha, same.

  • Sterling

    When will you notify those you have chosen?

    • Kimmy West

      I’m currently in LA on a trip and life is SO hectic (right now I’m basically the only one posting on the site). So I’m going to get back to everyone and train everyone when I get home on Friday!

  • Liz

    Hi :) Just wanted to ask if it’s also possible to apply if I’m not living in the US?

    • Kimmy West

      Yep! We would love reporters from all over the world.

  • Aleks Kulik

    Will you tell us whether we are accepted or not. I hate waiting

    • Kimmy West

      I won’t be able to reply to everyone since I’ve gotten so many applications! But I WILL read yours! :)

  • Jordyn Percival

    Just curious as to if you had chosen any applicants yet? I just get so nervous not knowing XD

    • Kimmy West

      We’ve only chosen one new staff member so far! Still going to choose 4 more people, we got around 60 applicants (after deleting quite a few that didn’t make sense or were obviously from people that couldn’t spell or speak English, haha).

      • Jordyn Percival

        Oh okay thank you! It must be such a stressful process!

  • Robin

    What is the proper age limit you say?

  • Guest

    what are the age restrictions

  • Audrey Kennedy

    Any idea when you’ll be announcing who got in? I’m dying to know! XD

  • Mandi Willett

    Is it still too late to submit an application?

  • Jazzi Fink

    I know this is super late and random, but I was just browsing the site and somehow came across this. Will you be looking for any more staff writers or anything any time soon?