Catching Fire

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WATCH: Sam Claflin talks being nobody’s favorite for Finnick

March 13, 2014

Poor Sam Claflin saw lists for who should be cast as Finnick in Catching Fire, and felt rather terrible because he was nobody’s pick for the role! I hope he realizes that all the fansite fan castings are determined almost entirely on looks, and I absolutely loved him for the part from the beginning. After seeing him in Snow White and the Huntsman I thought his smile really captured Finnick’s spirit. Acting is everything, bodies can be changed with healthy eating and exercise. Watch the featurette below, it includes some awesome behind-the-scenes footage:

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  • Ron

    I really like him as Finnick i never envisioned someone to play the part as Finnick so that’s why i think i didnt have a problem but yeah a lot of fans where pissed at the beggining.

  • MaAnnie

    Oh please, he was my first pick <3 I wanted him since Pirates of the Carribean 4 ^.^

  • Liliandill

    He’s just PERFECT as Finnick – beautiful and talented! I’m after the book and I know what I’m saying.

  • MK

    He’s great as Finnick. I’m glad they cast him.

  • Catchingfire_ally

    Im happy totally amazed by his work!!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs up for Sam…. we love u!!

  • Mario Prince-Charming

    I think what people need to understand is that, even though we love these characters, they are a product of SC’s imagination. There is NO way to find the perfect actor to play the part. What one actor may be lacking in one department, he/she will make up for it in another. Does Sam have the “Finnick look”, HECK NO! Not even close. However, he nailed Finnick’s personality and fitted in with the cast so great. Some of the actors the fans wanted to cast wouldn’t have nailed it on a personal level and some have been rumored to be hard to work with.

  • Junior Auggie Medina

    Does anyone know if they will ever release that awesome scene they filmed in the cornucopia?

  • iProtectPrim

    That bts footage! And I finally know where the ‘Finnick, you are the Mockingjay’ bit came from.