Catching Fire

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Beautiful new still of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in ‘Catching Fire’

March 23, 2014

This absolutely gorgeous new still of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen has surfaced, and I just adore it. She looks so stunning! See the full image below:


Thanks to HG Girl on Fire for the tip!

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  • MK

    Definitely stunning!

  • olivya oreoBD

    What does Divergent have to do with this page? Who cares about it? Stop using Hg fans to get attention. Stop using for publicity, Just face that you are never going to be a world wide phenomenon.

    • Kimmy West

      Uhm, this post isn’t about Divergent at all? We only posted one article about Divergent, and it had to do with Jennifer. We post a bunch of stuff about Jennifer, all the time.

    • TLRT9

      This post had absolutely nothing to do with Divergent BUT for the recordn Divergent is already a worldwide phenomenon and in my opinion it beats the crap out of HG

      • Marie

        And i respect your opinion and i like the Divergent books too, the movie is another history but enough with the who’s better stuff grow up people, what are you 12? Just because you like one more than the other, both of you stop it and enjoy whatever you like and leave the others do it too ugh

      • olivya oreoBD

        Hehehe. Have you seen the movie sales? Divergent has made 85 million. Catching Fire made 2.25 BILLION

        • TLRT9

          Yeah and have you seen Catching Fire’s fans cx
          12 year old kids

          • Emily Power

            12 Year old kids are often far more insightful than the moody, defensive adolescents of the ‘Divergent’
            I’ve no doubt both are/will be worldwide phenomenons. But I’ve also no doubt which will go down in history; hint, it doesn’t begin with ‘D’.

          • Guest

            It doesn’t start with a ‘H’ either 8)

          • Berry

            Divergent was such a wannabe it hurt. And the age group doesn’t matter, as I’ve stated before; I’d rather have a bunch of twelve year olds who enjoy and discuss the literature than a bunch of twenty somethings who defend their franchise every chance they get. What is there TO DEFEND?
            Let’s just agree Harry Potter is amazing?

          • TLRT9

            Divergent a wannabe?
            Same goes to Hunger Games for completely ripping off Battle Royale.
            I will agree Harry Potter is amazing.

          • Berry

            Eh. You win for that one.
            But my opinion, and many people’s opinion, is that Divergent is a mediocre at best novel riding on the fame of The Hunger Games.
            No changing it. Same for the majority of people who dislike Divergent for similar reasons.
            End of argument.

          • TLRT9

            Divergent has only just started. When Hunger Games first came out no one aside from it’s 13 year old and younger fans cared about it. Divergent though the popularity came QUICK.
            But let’s not forget Maze Runner and 5th Wave which will blow both of them out of the water :)

          • EmmaC

            have to agree with TLRT9 on this one
            Divergent stomps all over Hunger Games

          • olivya oreoBD

            Yes. Because so many parents let their kids read the trilogy at 12. Divergent is a knock off and the fans are all ready going into other fandoms like the maze runner. I haven’t even met a divergent fan.

      • olivya oreoBD

        Hahaha. World wide phenomenon my a…

  • Anonymous Chicken

    Just forget about it, OK?
    WHO flipping cares?
    Wow you people are old!

  • Anonymous Chicken

    And Jennifer looks cool