The Hunger Games


Concept Artist Ian Joyner reveals creepy images of dead tributes as Muttations

March 27, 2014

A must-see for any Hunger Games fan, this blast from the past is sure to give you the shivers. As we know, the Mutattions of the books are significantly more terrifying than those used on screen. Over at you’ll find a selection of suitably grisly concept images drawn by Ian Joyner of Joyner Designs. The images show the variations between the tributes which was significantly lacking in the jump to the big screen.

“Muttations are, in the books, a genetically altered creature created by the Capitol. These creatures come in many forms, and were created to do different tasks like spying on other districts, or being a weapon during the games. One such version of the Muttations is a wolf like creature that we did see in the movie, but was missing a significantly creepy element that was in the book:

Each of the mutts resembled one of the tributes who had died previously in the Games, had a collar marked with the district number of the tribute it was based off of, and had eyes that looked remarkably human. It became apparent that the dead tributes’ DNA was mixed with a form of wolf. This made them look so much like their Tribute that Katniss wondered if they had been made using the tributes’ real eyes.

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  • sharkz

    These version of mutts give me chills.

  • MK

    I would have preferred these mutts. The ones they used in the movies weren’t scary and didn’t have that emotional connection that Katniss experienced in the book.

  • TeamEdwardJace

    these are creepy and much more like they were in the books :)