Catching Fire


‘Catching Fire’ costume designer highlighted as “game changer”

Trish Summerville brings Capitol Couture to life as the head costume designer for the The Hunger Games. Clothes On Film speak to her about her approach to fashion and how she’s now became a game changer in the world of costume design due to the film’s unparelled success.

Trish Summerville is well on her way to becoming a household name, though as with all practitioners of costume design, this might require a few more years. It is not generally an industry that breeds fame, but thanks to considerable media coverage for her most recent film, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, plus a tie-in capsule range with ecommerce retailer Net-a-Porter, Summerville is popping up everywhere. This is a by-product of her approach to costume more than a business decision.

With Catching Fire Summerville had no choice but to use fashion designers because there was literally not enough time or money to produce everything on her own. Names such as Alexander McQueen, Tex Saverio and Iris Van Herpen were employed, and sometimes this was in the guise of revamped runway pieces which obviously caught headlines.

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