Mockingjay - Part 1


Jena Malone says “world turns completely upside down” in Mockingjay

Jena Malone has recently posted an image of herself on the set of Catching Fire on her Instagram along with a short message regarding the upcoming Mockingjay films.

“Johanna Mason self portrait in the bathroom of my trailer. On the set of Catching fire. So excited for the next two installment. When the world turns completely upside down :)”

Looks like we’re in for a treat! We can’t wait!

For the full article and more pictures, head over to Just Jared!

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  • ernest schoenmakers

    This is how she looks like being captured by the Capitol. She’ll have a breakdown and this picture shows it:

    • Tommy Phillips

      Huh? I thought her head gets shaved after being captured.

      • ernest schoenmakers

        Yes, that’s true but this is not an actual picture from Mockingjay p1 but from Catching Fire cause i couldn’t find one for the next movie yet for Johanna. There are still no pictures of Johanna from MJp1 or p2.

        • ernest schoenmakers

          Another picture of the axewielding kick-ass chick Johanna Mason:


            your so dam hot

          • ernest schoenmakers

            Thanks, Jena Malone is my queen artist and #1 actress, JLaw is #2. Here is another one:

          • sue

            Pretty sure this person is being sarcastic.

          • ernest schoenmakers

            What person?

          • sue

            The todd_89_ person.

          • ernest schoenmakers

            I don’t see why, explain it to me?