Mockingjay - Part 1


Jennifer Lawrence has another run-in with some stairs on ‘Mockingjay’ set

April Fools! This was our 2014 gag – don’t worry, Mockingjay production is still up and running.

Mockingjay is has been filming in Altanta, Georgia for the past few months, and we just got word that there has been an accident on set. Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss Everdeen, was walking up a set of stairs during a scene when a rather overzealous extra collided with her. While said extra explained he only lightly brushed against her, this resulted in her taking a rather nasty tumble down a set of stairs. She landed up spraining her wrist, and getting an ugly gash on her face. Don’t fret, though! Besides her minor injuries, the star is fine. Jennifer said in a statement:

JENNIFER: “I can’t believe I did this to myself! It looks much worse than it is, though, so don’t be too worried. I guess the only solution to my clumsiness is to just avoid walking up stairs? They seem to be my weakness. I only have a scrape on my cheek and a sprained wrist, it’s okay. I just need a bit of time so my scrape will be easy to cover up!”


Due to the fact that Jennifer is in almost every scene in both Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2, the studio has decided to shut down production indefinitely. Shooting will resume once Jennifer is back in working order, but her on-set medic says, “We are unsure how long it will take for her facial scrape to heal.” The studio is contemplating moving the release date a few months to compensate for the delay in shooting. They want to wait until the swelling in her face has died down, so they don’t have to rely on makeup to cover her facial injury, which would probably be noticeable.

A quote from star Josh Hutcherson, reads, “I am confused how it happened, honestly! The extra just brushed against her, but she totally lost her footing. She’s just clumsy, I guess. Jen and I are laughing about it, but we’re looking forward to continuing the shoot. I told her she should just tell the production team that she can’t walk up stairs! It’s just asking for trouble!” Liam Hemsworth, who plays Gale in the films, agrees. “She just can’t walk up stairs, it’s kind of strange,” he added. The Silver Linings and American Hustle star has been known to trip at various awards ceremonies.

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  • Carly

    not gonna get me this time!

  • LeAnn Lewis

    So not “falling” for it! Good one though!

  • AmandaP

    This is just cruel. Not Cool!

  • LizMellark

    That’s really mean! I though Jen was injuried :(

  • Giselle Quintanilla

    Aww Jen me and her we are so clumsy I guess we both have to be reminded one foot at a time, but I hope that extra didn’t just push her!

  • Donna

    I fell for it the first two years…not this year, guys!

  • Richard Durham

    this cant be true lol nice april fools joke i just checked google and this is the only site with this article lol.

  • David Biddle

    This is why I just read the books. No one actually gets injured in any way shape or form. Katniss Rules!

  • Berry

    April Fools.
    Can’t believe I thought this was real for a sec.

  • Ali Carlson Halbmaier

    I’d just like to know how this is supposed to be a funny april fools day joke? Stating someone was seriously injured in a fall and had to be transported by ambulance to a hospital is not funny in the slightest.

    • Kimmy West

      I didn’t say she had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital, I said she scraped her face and sprained her wrist! Minor injuries.

      • Ali Carlson Halbmaier

        Yet there’s a picture of someone supposed to be here on a backboard by an ambulance. I’m all for jokes but this one was in poor taste.

        • Kimmy West

          Everyone can have an opinion. :)

          • Erika Rodriguez

            This is not very cool. I can’t believe people can make a joke about someone being seriously injured. I agree with Ali.

          • Kimmy West

            Again, in her fake quote she says “it looks worse than it is” and I explained it was just a sprain and face scrape. Gosh you guys are sensitive! Just April Fools! :)

          • Shar Rowell

            I was like geez, she MUST be clumsy…but then I realized it was a joke. I don’t get why everyone is so uptight…no one was actually hurt in this little fooling. I thought it was a good one! I believed it at first!

          • Kimmy West

            Seriously, everyone is so uptight! I don’t know what is so dangerous about joking about this – it’s not like anyone was actually hurt, and tomorrow this post will have an ‘april fools’ disclaimer at the top. :)

      • iProtectPrim

        But the picture!

        • Kimmy West

          I actually found it on Google by searching “woman on stretcher.” I was originally just going to do a picture of a stretcher in which you couldn’t actually see who was on it properly, but then I found this and was like WOAH! I just randomly found a picture of someone that looked JUST like Jennifer! Crazy, huh? It was a random Google image find!

          • iProtectPrim

            No, my point is you said it was just scrapes and a sprain, but the picture tells a different story.

          • Kimmy West

            If you fall off stairs and look like you’ve been shaken up, they’ll often put you in a neck brace just to be safe. This story is based on a time when I got a sprained wrist and I had to wear a neck brace until they made sure my neck was okay. (It was when I was stupid enough to go down a steep hill in a wagon, using only the handle to steer. Terrible plan!)

  • Karly

    lol I believed this for a second. Maybe because it’s something Jennifer would totally do. Good thing it’s not true.

  • iProtectPrim

    Not funny at all. Injuries aren’t funny.

    • Kimmy West

      I wasn’t trying to be funny, I was trying to fool you. :)

  • kathy

    Definately not cool!

  • Tony

    So distasteful, so very disappointing. Not funny at all, nor is there anything fun about using this to ‘fool’ others ESPECIALLY considering what happened back in February.

    • Kimmy West

      You guys can say this all you want, but in the end it was just a April Fools day gag, and I don’t believe it was distasteful. Nobody was actually hurt, so don’t be so dramatic!

  • Michael

    Got me. Dang it….shucks

  • Phaedra Harris

    lol that’s a good one XD, had me going there

  • saffron

    Why would you do something like that?!? Lol

  • ernest schoenmakers

    Sorry guys i wasn’t seeking attention, i’m just clumsy that’s all. Here’s a picture of myself to apologize:

    • ernest schoenmakers

      Apologies accepted.