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‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ wins “Movie of the Year” at the MTV Movie Awards

April 14, 2014

Congratulations, tributes! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire took home movie of the year tonight at the MTV Movie Awards.

“Remember who the real enemy is.”

Sam Claflin (Finnick Odair) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark) were in attendance to accept this exciting prize for The Hunger Games franchise. Did you guys vote for this fabulous film? Such a well deserved award!

Unfortunately Katniss did not win for favorite character, but it’s okay, everyone! Divergent is still in theaters, and after all the success of this franchise, we can give the newcomer a pat on a back. Tris Prior’s win was definitely hard-fought!

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  • Ron

    Congratz it really deserve it, tho there were a lot of great movies in that category… About Katniss no winning i always says that that category is alwys about publicity than anything else, it’s supposed that Divergent is the next big thing so it’s the time to win for them…

    • ♥Katniss.Everdeen♥

      it wasn’t much of a win though cause katniss was in the lead nearly the whole way but just before the end tris somehow got in front. So well done to all the tributes that tried so hard :D

  • Zack

    I think it is safe to say that Tris winning Favorite Character was due to the show being rigged. I mean, Katniss was in the lead for days and days, and suddenly Tris gains the lead by 400,000 votes within a few hours of the awards beginning? Mhmm, nothing iffy about that!

    • ♥Katniss.Everdeen♥

      well the show supposedly has been rigged before so it wouldn’t surprise me if it had.

    • death2analog

      Not to mention that more people know about Katniss.

      Sure Divergent its popular, but not THG popular

    • kaylee

      Exactly! Someone took screenshots and Tris suddenly gained 200,000 votes in a matter of minutes. Also MTV said the voting would be closed at 8pm at which point Katniss was in the lead. Then they extended the voting time and all of a sudden Tris gained half a million votes. Shady definitely.

    • Berry

      Definitely rigged. It’s happened before – and Divergent isn’t as popular, worldwide, as the Hunger Games. At the very least, not in the United Kingdom.

    • Nir

      It was rigged because JLaw wasn’t going to be there & Woodley did.

  • Kaatje

    I saw the video of Sam and Josh giving their speech when receiving the award and I just thought that it was so incredibly cute that they included Philip in it. oh and the tributes in the back who did the 3 finger salute! I just loved that!!

  • Everlark12

    The real enemy is… DIVERGENT! If Tris,and Katniss went into an arena Katniss would come out the Victor. It’s simple logic. Katniss has a bow, and arrow. Tris has… Four? her arms?

    • Ysabel

      Do you want to sign my petiton Demanding a revote? That category was rigged

      • Katta Everlark

        I’ll sign…
        REVOTE REVOTE !!

  • Loma

    Let’s not compare characters. Despite Divergent and THG being dystopian franchises and having a common essence of a new world post war, it doesn’t mean we can compare at all. They both focus on different aspects, and so are the main characters, mainly Tris and Katniss. There would never be a way for them to fight in a arena together since they are from totally different worlds.

  • Benedicte Kazigwa

    Knew that Catching Fire would win. It is THE BEST!

  • Ysabel


  • Hannah S

    Speaking as someone who has read all three Divergent books, Tris is a remarkably stupid character. She makes all the wrong decisions at all the wrong times (probably why they cast the “stupid life” actress to play her) and given her decisions, she should have been dead by the end of the first book, and yes, nearly right before the show, my computer showed Katniss had a 300,000 vote lead. That doesn’t just go away. Screw MTV.