Mockingjay - Part 1


‘Mockingjay – Part 1′ trailer will not be released at the Cannes Film Festival

April 17, 2014

Oh, rumors! People seem to love sparking rumors regarding when the Mockingjay – Part 1 trailer will hit the web, and then it spreads like wildfire across Tumblr and Twitter until fans are treating it as fact. Unfortunately, this rumor (like the one about a trailer at the MTV Movie Awards) is also false.

Despite the (unofficial) Twitter account @CannesCoverage tweeting that the trailer would premiere at this prestigious French film festival, Cannes, it will not. Adam B. Vary of Buzzfeed confirmed this:

Stay tuned to folks – if there is concrete information about a trailer, you’ll see it here. Don’t believe every rumor you see online, it’ll only set you up for disappointment.

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  • Keven Alvarez


  • Ron

    So are they seriousky going to wait till Comic-Con?. Ugh. last year we had tons of stuff already.

    • Katta Everlark

      I’M WITH YOU ON THAT!!!!

  • Em1059


  • Ole

    Bet it will be out 6 month before premiere. Some time in June maybe.

    • Kimmy West


      • Michał Zarzycki

        i think the trailer of Mockingay will apear on Saturn movie awards because the Catching fire gets 7 nimines and to agree with u that event going on in June so i think u have right

        • EchelonDude

          Woah June, that’s such a long time to wait :( But the full Catching Fire trailer came out at comic-con last July, and let’s say the full Mockinjay trailer comes out at comic-con this year, then June seems too late for the teaser trailer. Although Mockingjay hasn’t followed the pattern from last year so far, since we didn’t get a trailer at the MTV movie awards :-

    • Cguy

      I’m guessing it will probably hit Youtube by next month, even if it doesn’t debut at the Film Festival.

  • Liliandill

    I want the trailer NOW! :(

  • Chelsea Leach

    I can’t believe they are gonna wait until comic con! That’s stupid! All I say is it had better be damned good if they are making us wait this long!

  • ernest schoenmakers

    I’m dying to see this trailer but the waiting is hard, look at this picture below, this girl cries because of impatience:

  • Ysabel

    As anxious as I am, I am glad they are taking there time

    • ernest schoenmakers

      I read somewhere that it was in June.

  • hopeinthedivergent


    • ernest schoenmakers

      I know it’s hard to wait that long, but to comfort you a little i’ve a nice picture of Johanna Mason:

  • raquel

    This is seriously not fair!! At least 20 seconds of footage!! The sad thing is though that the most trailers and images we get from now on will signify one step closer to the end of the movies :’( Noooo!! I want there to be at least one remake of THG in my lifetime before a I die. *Holds up three fingers*