Elizabeth Banks has officially wrapped playing her role of Effie Trinket in ‘The Hunger Games’ films

April 27, 2014

Ah, tributes! Our Effie Trinket, Elizabeth Banks, has officially finished filming Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2, meaning she is completely wrapped on the role of Effie…forever. I can’t believe this is happening, because it seems like the movie was just cast yesterday! Time flies huh? Read her heartbreaking quote below, from Indian Express via THG Australia:

“I just wrapped playing Effie Trinket,” Banks says, “and that was heartbreaking for me. She was one of my all-time-favourite characters that I’ve played.” That would be the kooky-yet-effervescent escort to the District 12 tributes in The Hunger Games and its two sequels.

Let me know your favorite Effie moment, in the comments!

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  • Lucy

    Favorite Effie moment: That is Mahogany!! Such an Effie thing to say :)

    • Michał Zarzycki

      Oh, Courtains!

  • devonwhpfan

    I guess it doesn’t sound like they put her in the place of the prep team in district 13. I was really hoping they did, but she’ll be a nice sight to see after all that happens in part 2 :(. I hope they made her go light on make-up for her last scene to show the person she’s become.

    • hansen

      I don’t think this means that Effie is not put in the place of the prep team in 13. The district 13 footage was probably done in Atlanta where they just finished shooting, The footage being shot in Europe is probably limited to the battle for the Capital none of which involved the prep team. Haymitch is also not in the battle for the Capital (except for a short remote conversation with Katniss) and I wonder if this means that Woody Harrelson has also wrapped? Anyway it is the beginning of the breakup of the Hunger Game family and that is sort of sad.

    • Tony

      How does this not sound like they didn’t put her in place of the prep team? All of the District 13 shots are done. Nelson, who plays Flavius, also finished months ago.

      • devonwhpfan

        I had not heard about Flavius. I hope she is part of district 13 though, I love the character she has become on screen. Elizabeth Banks nailed it!

    • Demi

      I really hope they put the scene of Octavia in Distrcit 13 eating with Gale’s little sister, “I think you would be pretty in any color.” But for as little as they show the prep teams, im sure its not there; especially if the roof scene wasnt in Catching Fire :(

      • devonwhpfan

        Aww I loved that whole lunch scene! Maybe with it being split in two we will get more scenes like that

      • Everlark

        It wouldn’t make sense, because Octavia was never dyed a color in the films.

        • Demi

          Ahhh good point!

          • devonwhpfan

            They could add in the third prep team member , or make her compliment her hair or something too

  • District11FruitNinja

    I got emotional when I read this heading. Just knowing that Elizabeth has completed Effie’s story from beginning to end and that this is the end of this experience for her makes me so happy, but really sad. Congratulations, Elizabeth. No other person could’ve done Effie Trinket justice like you did. Thank you for bringing her to life and telling her story…

  • Caio

    She did her job very well since the beginning. It is interesting to realize how we see her as an awful woman at the reaping of the 74th Hunger Games (showing no mercy for Prim or Katniss or even the citizens of District 12) and then, one year later, she was at the same reaping, and we immediately realize that she just learnt how the games are so unfair! My favorite Effie’s scene was definitely the reaping of the Quater Quell!

  • Em1059

    Thank you Elizabeth Banks for been such a great Effie :)

  • Keven Alvarez

    That was the last time Elizabeth Banks would be playing her ;(
    Thank You Elizabeth, for bringing Effie to life… And all the mahogany :)

    • ernest schoenmakers

      What are you talking about, Effie is still alive and kicking, so she will be seen in Mockingjay part 1.

      • Keven Alvarez

        I’m talking about turning Effie from book page to movie

        • ernest schoenmakers

          You mean she’s done with all of her scenes in the 2 Mockingjay parts and yes she played a good Effie that no one else could’ve played better. Actually she should be rewarded for that. Kudos to Elizabeth Banks.

  • saffron

    I just hope she is going to be in mockingjay more!

  • Ron

    I hope they did justice in the movie that the last book failed, she was cast aside i know she was secondary character but just being present in one scene in the books just didnt work for me.
    She is the best Effie we could’ve ask for!

    • ernest schoenmakers

      I concur.

  • Berry

    I want a shot of Effie without her wig and free of make up, right before the assassination. Ugh…then, THEN I would have shivers.

    • ernest schoenmakers

      Welcome, welcome to the 74th annual Hunger Games. I’m here to announce my departure from my character Effie Trinket. Here below you can see a last picture of me at the Capitol:

    • devonwhpfan

      EXACTLY what I was thinking. Just have her come in and Katniss in her distressed state not recognize her at first and then she looks into her eyes and she says something effie-ish and hugs katniss. Oh my lordy I’m getting shivers too

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  • Justin L.

    “Ah! The mahogany!” Long live Effie!

  • disqus_T8NCumlum8

    When I first read the books I pictured Joan Rivers as Effie. I could not imagine anyone else playing that role. After viewing the movie I couldn’t imagine any other person, Joan Rivers included, playing a better Effie. Elizabeth Banks nailed it.

    • Levi

      Joan Rivers as Effie is how i imagined her also so i turned Joan into Effie which turned out pretty funny .

  • Captain Charley

    Thank God they brought Effie back for Mockingjay Parts I and II!