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Sam Claflin talks ‘Mockingjay’ filming: “People are realizing it’s coming to an end”

April 28, 2014

Sam Claflin chatted with Josh Horowitz about filming Mockingjay alongside his co-stars in Atlanta, in this new interview! He talks not being a newbie anymore, but not being a veteran either, shooting alongside his Annie (Stef Dawson), and more.

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  • ernest schoenmakers

    If the shooting of the 2 Mockingjays is coming to an end then soon the trailers must follow. I hope so that Francis gives enough screentime to Johanna Mason who’s my favourite victortribute and this picture shows it:

  • dalily

    Did you heard about Jen almost choking to death on the set of mockingjay ? She was taking her vitamins but one got caught in her throat. She started gasping and her face turn red but everybody on the set just froze,not knowing what to do but when woody saw that he immediatly help her by wrapping his arms under her chest and gave strong squeezes. The vitamin finally popped out of her mouth and she gasped and take her breath. After she hugged woody and told him that she really couldn’t breath and that he literally saved her life. Anyway i am surprised you haven’t write something about it . I am happy woody was there what the world would do without jen ? ;)

    • MasterSneasle

      Haymitch saves Katniss… again.

    • Benedicte Kazigwa

      OMG! I didn’t hear that!!

  • Ysabel

    Our fandom cannot live on if you are already saying goodbye to it. This is making me a little angry. The only thing that is coming to an end is waiting for the movies. The Hunger Games are forever.

    • ernest schoenmakers

      Yes, yes, and yes, THG are for everlasting and after the defeat of the Capitol and so on there should be a sequel with all the main characters in it, maybe we can trigger Suzanne Collins to write a sequel, so then they can make even more movies of THG.
      Katniss Everdeen, Johanna Mason and Effie Trinket are forever!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s a picture of them:

    • Benedicte Kazigwa

      So agree with you. It’s not going to affect anything because we still love it. Some people told me that it’s going to go down just like Twilight. Umm, I’m not going to listen to that crap because The Hunger Games will always be LEGENDARY and we will love and keep it in our hearts FOREVER.

  • ernest schoenmakers

    Sure, THG will never come to an end and we as fans will continue this beautiful saga after the 2 Mockingjays have finished. I would like to write a sequel for THG-saga where Johanna Mason must play a lead role. Well Rocket died in Sucker Punch but rose again from the ashes becoming Johanna Mason. This picture below of my beloved actress Jena Malone says it all:

    • ernest schoenmakers

      Something went but here’s that particular picture i mentioned above: