Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence inspires Drake in new rap song ‘Draft Day’

May 3, 2014

Do you guys like Drake? Well, his new rap song “Draft Day” is inspired but our very own Jennifer Lawrence.

A few of the words from his new song:

“On some Hunger Games s**t, I would die for my district,”

‘Jennifer Lawrence you can really get it. I mean for real, girl you know I had to do it for yah.’


Here is the video:

Let us know what you think of Drake’s new Jennifer Lawrence inspired rap.

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  • raquel

    This is so cool. The Hunger Games is really having impact on people. I am so happy for it. :)

    • ernest schoenmakers

      Especially on me!!!!

  • ernest schoenmakers

    I don’t like rap music cause they talk more than they’re singing. To me rap music is crap music, but Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful and she’s an amazing actress along with Jena Malone.

    • Raj

      REALLY. I did not know.

      • ernest schoenmakers

        But i know, music is about singing NOT talking!!!!!

  • saffron

    I don’t really like it just because it’s not my type of music but its still awesome that those lines about jennifer lawerence are in it!

  • #1 SIC ILL fan

    Great one by drake. Didnt know it was jennifer lawrence inspired… Also check out this great viral video from this year, sounds drakish… SIC ILL ~ Labyrinth Zone Act 1 ~

  • Benedicte Kazigwa

    I love that Jen has that little spark that motivates and encourages people to do anything! She will forever be my idol!