Mockingjay - Part 1

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WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence talks her big blue ‘Mockingjay’ cloak

In Mockingjay Jennifer Lawrence gets to wear a pretty awesome cloak, and we saw it in some great set photos from Paris! She talked all about it with MTV at the premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past in New York City, and gave us all the details on the scene the cloak is for. Many of you already guessed it!

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  • iceymoon

    Sorry Jen, your gifs are here to stay. :)

    This was really nice, I was really missing her interviews. I think we’re about to go into another draught as she heads back into filming, but if it’s for the sake of Mockingjay I’ll survive!

  • Demi

    So im guessing after Tigris’s shop they dont puts pounds of makeup of them?

    • xoxotippadee

      I’m glad tbh, that part seemed ridiculous as a visual. Kind of too ridiculous even though its the capitol. And it would mess up the momentum of those scenes.

  • devonwhpfan

    LOL i guess the whole “no spoiler” thing is in the past for her , people should have read the books though! And to all those who thinks he’s fake just stop because it IS possible fro someone to have a goodnatured personality. She’s not funny because she was told to be by her publicist. She’s just being herself. I hope the backlash stops.

  • dalily

    Why I can’t see the video ?!

  • xoxotippadee

    LMAO no I cant pants you? How about a wedgie?