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Jennifer Lawrence hilariously blurts out ‘Mockingjay’ spoiler

May 22, 2014

After contemplating a bit, Jennifer Lawrence decided she will BLURT OUT THE SPOILERS! Hey, there are books right? Watch the hilarious interview tidbit from the New York X-Men premiere in which she talks about the emotional scene she recently shot on the Mockingjay set in Paris, France. Her spoiler-blurting is rather explosive to say the least:

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  • ernest schoenmakers

    Oh yeah the final scenes where we might see a glimpse of Johanna, who knows but i guess not. Well Johanna can still laugh or is she angry, this pic shows it:

    • ernest schoenmakers


    • Nir

      A trailer better drop soon with a snippet of Johanna!!

      • ernest schoenmakers

        Absolutely, i’ve been waiting long enough now for my Johanna to appear. Go JENA go!!!!!!!

  • Andy

    Well, she made a good point. Their are books so technically their are no spoilers!

    • Michał Zarzycki

      yea like a every1 knows that more than this there are many photos of Boggs dieying realesed

      • Derek Evans


      • Tink


        • Michał Zarzycki

          yea i know now… just english isnt my first language thank for trying to improve it

    • Danny?

      *there *there

    • yth

      There are spoilers if a film scene is different from a book scene. You can spoil a change.

      • Tink

        But there weren’t any changes, so nice try. ;)

        • Ashley

          It is a spoiler to those who haven’t read the books (or are currently reading the books)

          • disqus_FZSSU4ADbq

            But why would you watch a video with “mockingjay spoiler” in the title if you don’t know what happens?

          • Ashley

            Cause I was looking for a different video and it brought me to this one instead….I don’t really care; I’ll forget by the time I watch the movie anyways.

    • Andy

      Oh the Third Reich are out and in Full force today! -_-

  • Em1059

    Well it´s a minor spoiler for the people who haven´t read the book, it´s ok :) and yes there´s the books and there were pictures and a video of that scene been shot too so… :D

  • Shartnado


  • Kati Durham

    There are BOOKS. This is not a secret.

  • Guest

    You forget the people who only watch the movies whether they’re based on a book or not.

    • Douglas James Marvel

      Not really. It’s more that no one gives a fuck about people who watch red carpet footage and don’t read books. #truelife

  • sir edmund of quacknbush

    ’[bring it on]and [lysistrata jones]
    JUNE 14 TH. AND 15TH

    BOX OFFICE ~ 352-683-5113 Tue – Wed -Thurs – and Sat 10:00 AM to 2:00
    PM or One hour before showtime. E MAIL

  • mse63

    I did not expect that. :D
    And it’s kind of hard today to be an active internet user and stay spoiler-free at the same time. It’s also not a giant spoiler, I was expecting a Prim-level slip-up. ;)

    • yinloveyang

      Well, there’s still 18 months before part 2 comes out so I think you should be worrying that Jennifer or someone else could say something like it. And don’t mention her name because you have just spoiled it to non-readers too. (I read the books).

      • mse63

        Well, I’m pretty sure that someone like that who wants to stay spoiler-free won’t read an article that’s titled “Jennifer Lawrence hilariously blurts out Mockingjay spoiler”, and probably also know better than to go into the comment section on any article dealing with the movie. So I think I’m safe. :P

  • Alyssa Layare

    Tumlblr usually spoils everything.

  • That Guy

    Prim dies.

  • God

    meanwhile in third-world countries, wars are raging and people are dying

    seriously, who gives a fuck?

    • Keven Alvarez

      This is a website that mainly focuses on the hunger games movies and the cast. If that’s something you think is wrong then leave right now.

    • ernest schoenmakers

      I thought you did cause you’re God.

      • Michał Zarzycki

        +1 to beeing awsome man

    • coren

      You do, enough to leave this comment.

      Perhaps if you want serious news you should visit a serious news site, rather than complaining about a fansite posting news about the thing it is a a fansite for. That’s like complaining that ESPN is reporting on the NBA/NHL playoffs.

    • Nir

      U better head to the BBC or Al Jazeera then as this site is Hunger Games-centric.

  • Keven Alvarez

    Hey at least we know they’re staying true to the books! :D

  • Rebecca Rc

    That was of the most minor spoilers she could have said.

  • Cheryl J. Brock

    If someone hasn’t read the books they won’t even know who Boggs is.

  • Dave Michael

    figured she was gonna yell “Prim just died!”, although that’ll probably be in Mockingjay Part 2.

    • yinloveyang

      Well, Bogg’s death is in part 2 too. Most of them are (yeah, spoilerssssssss!!!!) I mean, come on, it’s a war, many people will die :((

  • Arielle Yeap

    This is hilarious.

  • kristen38

    Is her hair different in this one? I’m used to seeing her in the dark hair while it’s Hunger Games time.

    • Michał Zarzycki

      she is natural blonde

      • kristen38

        Yeah I know Jennifer is a natural blonde, but Katniss is not.

    • yinloveyang

      She has a wig while filming both Mockingjay movies.

  • Maddie

    Jennifer Lawrence is such an asshole, yet her fans defend her for everything. Apparently, you can make jokes about eating disorers, mental illnesses and rape and yet everyone will act like you’re great

    • Rei Greenstreet

      Where are those jokes? I recall her saying she isn’t going to starve herself to please media who glorify stick thin bodies. But can’t remember her ever saying anything negative about mental illness and rape. Really, point me to them or what videos because I would like to know.

    • Michał Zarzycki

      problem is that most people like her because she is an asshole and not beeing persone who should you like

      • Berry

        Well, you must be a 5 year old, judging your spelling

    • mse63

      Jennifer Lawrence is an actual human being and as such she occasionally says things that can be interpreted in a negative way. I know I do. However she never gives the impression that her intentions would be bad, so calling her an asshole is kind of way out there, although I read worse (“thanks” Tumblr).

      I find the level of scrutiny some people have against her or any other celebrity quite ridiculous. People complain about the fans putting them on pedestals, but putting them down for mundane things is just as bad.

      • Maddie

        It’s mundane to joke about rape? and saying how cool ocd is because it’s trendy? or mocking anorexic people? I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, how strange because only human filth jokes about rape. Celebrity or not.

        • mse63

          No, the subject matters are not mundane. But look around you. These are the kind of things that people say in everyday conversations without thinking, whether you like it or not. And the so-called “rape joke” is an alleged exclamation of her breaking out her ‘rape scream’ that she made during a party and was only reported by a semi-satiric article. Even if it’s true, it was an idiotic comment, but nothing to crucify her over. So, no, I’m not budging from my opinion. I accept celebrities as much of a human beings as the people around me and don’t try to see things that are not there into everything they say.

  • ernest schoenmakers

    Big alarmbell!!!! Why is Mockingjay NOT filmed in IMAX????!!!!!

  • ZeroCharisma

    Snape kills Dumbledore! Noooo! You Bitch!

  • Raymond

    lol, “BOGGS JUST DIED”

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  • stace.

    lol silly Jen

  • Armotta

    hi fans. what do you think about the last scene of mockingjay PART 1??

    when peeta throttle katniss??? or when in district (n) sb shoot katniss ?? of when captol shoot peeta when he is ON AIR??

    p.s. sorry if my english is not good! im not english

  • cameron barnes


  • cameron barnes


  • cameron barnes

    I love Jennifer Lawrence.

  • katniss everdeen

    she is right I mean, hey come’on people read the books if you don’t want spoilers!!

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