Bigg Boss Malayalam Concept: Here is all you Need to Know

Each celebrity is allowed to take what they can in only one suitcase into the Bigg Boss house. Nothing more, nothing less. Let’s hope that they get their priorities right because for the next 100 days, they will not be allowed any other items than what they’ve already got with them.
From this year onwards a new version of bigg boss is gonna air. Its none other than the bigg boss malayalam version ans that is to be aired in Asianet/ Asianet HD channels.

Once inside the house, each housemate will have to allocate themselves the basic household duties of cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. And no, there will no maids, or cooks inside the Bigg Boss house to assist them. They will be taken right back to the basics. No make-up artist or hair stylist to make them look their best on TV. This time, it’s for real!

Hmmm….Wonder what Poonam Dhillon would look like without her make up?

Bigg Boss, a.k.a. Arshad Warsi, will allocate daily and weekly tasks to each one of the celebrities. Through these tasks, the housemates will have the chance to win their weekly shopping budget. With this budget, they can buy basic food, groceries, etc. to help them survive in the house. Go Arshad!!

Depending on the difficulty level of the task (and on the mood of Bigg Boss), the group also have the option of gambling their weekly budget. How? They can stake anywhere between 25% to 75% of their weekly budget on a particular task and the probability of their successful completion. If they succeed, Bigg Boss will increase their budget by the allocated amount. But if they fail, they have to survive on what’s left… and that’s where the fun begins!

To know more about the details of bigg boss malayalam contestants head over to the link.

Every week, each housemate will nominate 2 other housemates for eviction, i.e. for them to be kicked out of the house. See where this is going…? The housemates cannot nominate themselves, thus making it impossible for them to leave the house unless someone wants them to. The two housemates with the most number of nominations will then be put up for eviction by a public vote.

Once the voting lines are open, the public can choose who they like and who they hate by nominating the one housemate that they would like to see kicked out of the Bigg Boss house. At the end of each week, the voting lines close and the votes are counted.

The housemate with the most number of votes is then kicked out, thus leaving the rest of the housemates to bask in their glory!

Bring out the cat claws and let the fun begin!!

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