Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online: Star Maa Voting & Missed Call Number Details


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online is the thing that you were searching around to support your favorite contestants. Anyway you are at the right place. Here in this article you will get the detailed information regarding the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu voting online and missed call phone number details and also the procedure you have to follow to vote for your favorite participant.

The Bigg Boss Telugu version is also greatly welcomed by the audience all over the country. Now the second season of the show is started on 10th June 2018 with 16 contestants and the game duration will be for 100 days. The Telugu version will be surely a success as its former season. The remarkable thin with this season is that the show has came up with Nani as Bigg Boss Telugu Host.

The show is aired in the Star Maa Channel daily at 9:30 PM IST. As other language version of the show the Telugu version is similar in its concepts. 16 contestants are allowed to live in a big house. The main thing is the till the end of the game the contestants are not allowed  to use computer, mobile phones and internet for 100 days. As the show proceeds ,one of the participants will have to face eviction. The housemates have the provision to nominate two of their fellow contestants. That contestant who receive the maximum number of nominations will have to face the danger zone. The ultimate decision to eliminate the candidate will be decide by the number of voting the candidate got from the audience.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting

The eviction is done weekly and there will be only about 4 contestants to the final round and another voting is conducted to select the Bigg Boss Telugu Winner. Since the eviction of the contestants will solely depend on the voting ofthe audience, any one can participate in the Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online and promote your favorite contestants.

  • Bigg Boss Telugu 2 First Eliminated Candidate: Sanjana Anne
  • Wildcard Entry: Nandini Rai

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants List

  1. Amit Tiwari
  2. Tanish Alladi
  3. Geetha Madhuri
  4. Bhanu Sree
  5. Deepthi Nallamothu
  6. Kireeti Damaraju
  7. Babu Gogineni
  8. Samrat Reddy
  9. Tejaswi Madivada
  10. Roll Rida
  11. Deepthi Sunaina (Evicted)
  12. Nandini (Wild Card Entry)
  13. Syamala
  14. Kaushal
  15. Sanjana Anne
  16. Ganesh
  17. Nutan Naidu (Evicted)

Contestants in Danger Zone (2nd Week)

  • Ganesh, Kaushal
  • Babu Gogineni
  • Nutan Naidu
  • Deepthi Sunaina

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Online Method

  1. First of all you have to be atleast 18 years old to proceed with the online voting.
  2. Login to your gmail account and then open new tab.
  3. Now search for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote online or something similar to that.
  4. You will directly see a list of participants who are in danger zone of the current week.
  5. You can cast to your votes by clicking on the name of contestant of your choice.
  6. Hit the Vote button below the candidate list.
  7. You can cast a total of 50 votes per voting cycle with a maximum of 10 per day.
  8. Be sure to cast your votes from Monday to Friday till the show ends. Votes done other than the timing will be considered as invalid.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Missed Call Method

In this method you have to call to a candidate specific phone number to cast your votes. Details of the same is provided below.

Contestant Name Status Number
Amit Tiwari In the house 7729998813
Babu Gogineni Nominated 7729998805
Bhanu Sree In the house 7729998804
Deepthi Sunaina Nominated 7729998812
Deepti Nallamothu In the house 7729998808
Ganesh Nominated 7729998803
Geetha Madhuri In the house 7729998801
Kaushal Manda Nominated 7729998817
Kireeti Damaraju In the house 7729998816
Nandini Rai In the House N/A
Nutan Naidu Nominated 7729998809
Roll Rida In the house 7729998807
Samrat Reddy In the house 7729998815
Sanjana Anne ELIMINATED 7729998814
Syamala In the house 7729998802
Tanish Alladi In the house 7729998811
Tejaswi In the house 7729998806
  1. Check the above given list give a missed call to the number of your favorite contestant.
  2. The missed call method and the facility of only available for the Indian phone numbers.

If you have any queries please drop it in the comments section.


  1. Should eliminate Bhanu unless created a drama against Kaushal. Crores of people watching the TV how she will make an influence on the good person.

  2. Bhanu sree is the only one playing bold. Most of the others are bad playing tricks to eliminate Bhanu.
    Would your daughter or sister get into the situation, would you say the words “its okay be calm other people think you bad.” or would you say the words “you should be brave enough to ask back”. Ask your self.
    Koushal should have not put hand as two ladies standing each other very closely. Even if he did, he would have feel and say sorry to Bhanu immediately when Bhanu reacted. But he apologized after supporting him self for such long time.
    Bhanu reacted to personal feelings as she was the victim, felt bad and shame so she reacted a bit loud voice which is perfectly agreed. She would have been cool if Koushal say sorry immediately. She is cool and forgiving person , she forgave Koushal , roll, Amit, Sunaina before.

    Babu Gogineni: Being elder, he would have ask Koushal to appolagise to Bhanu when she claimed. But he was silent at that time and continuously he was talking about task wining and using on Bhanu’s issue. I think he would react if he has a daughter.
    Tejasvi : every one knows, she was continuously adding some lies to the actual and shouting , continuously tryign to blame Bhanu to get her eliminate by having mask as she supporting Bhanu. Very dangerous.
    Kaushal: He only knows what was intentional and what was not. He completely fell on Bhanu while trying to win the key. Bhanu did not raised. he should have appolazised immediately. he was very clear that Bhanu is victim and he should have say sorry to her and he knows that Thejasvi played game. But he put Bhanu in jail just to project her bad and get her eliminated. we all saw that he and the thitti gang discussed and planned to eliminate Bhanu 2 weeks back.
    Kaushal, Geetha madhuri, Dhepthi : we all saw these people discussed and planned to eliminate Bhanu 2 weeks back. they used Bhanu’s incident to get her eliminate again. Geetha is worst, hope she will regret atleast when she personally go through the same. Dhepthi is continuouly proved that she adds extra to the actual to blame, she is not honest person to live with.

    Deepthi sunaina: she removed kaushal leg from Thanish and she took him. but did nto care that kaushal completely fell on Bhanu pushing down to get key. Is she not brave enough to understand that Bhanu did not used task to suffer her by drama.

    Roll Raida: He should know why he made false blaming Bhanu and sy sorry at the end. Did not stand for Bhanu when she needed on Kaushal issue.

    Amit: he aggreed to save Bhanu when he think with heart, But finally he think with selfish brain just to become captain. Does he not know that he wuld not get another chance to become captain? or he want to eleminate Bhanu? Being brother, he did not stand for Bhanu when she needed on Kaushal issue.

  3. At any cost Tejswani to be eliminated to get good rating in the house. With family members we can not see Tejswani behavior in the house. one of the worst content is Tejswani in the house.


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