Nina Jacobson tweets about Tigris make-up and production design

Nina Jacobson, producer of The Hunger Games movies, tweeted at her account @NinaJacobson about the Tigris Mockingjay scene! Really does make the fact that the final book is really being made more real, doesn’t it? She shares that the character is coming to life on screen wonderfully, and that the set is also spectacular. Read her tweets below:


Don’t remember who Tigris is? Has it been a bit long since you last read the book? No worries! Tigris is a shopkeeper in the capitol, and she sells fur-lined clothing. She used to be a coveted stylist (like Cinna), but has since faded to obscurity. She surgically altered her face to be able to look like a tiger – giving her a very shocking appearance. It is said that she was banned from being a stylist because she was too-altered to appear on television. Must be pretty extreme if that’s the case, right? I can’t wait to see the makeup!

In Mockingjay, our heroes take up shelter in Tigris’ store, and she gifts Katniss some furry underthings.

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