Name: Kimmy
Age: 21
Location: California
Position: Owner / Co-Founder / Manager
Bio: Kimmy co-founded in 2009, back before Catching Fire or Mockingjay had yet hit shelves. So, the fact that the final novel in the series has the same name as the website is a huge coincidence! Lover of everything adaptation, she adores film and has been a big reader since she was very young. The process of watching her favorite books come to life is one of her favorite things! She also founded and manages PageToPremiere, a website about following books, comics, and other beloved works of writing to the big screen.

Name: Crystal
Age: 34
Location: Hawaii
Position: Director of Content / Ad Sales
Bio: Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Crystal now lives with her husband and two kids in Honolulu, Hawaii. Crystal has a Bachelors degree in English and is the co-author of the cute bento cookbook Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches and the author of several blogs. Her favorite book of the series is The Hunger Games.

Name: Beth
Age: 25
Location: Los Angeles
Position: Public Relations
Bio: Beth grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, but later, she moved to Los Angeles, California. She currently works at Relativity Media in film distribution, and she absolutely loves being a part of the industry. Her favorite character from the books is Finnick, followed closely by Madge. Along with The Hunger Games, she has obsessions with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. She also has a particular fondness of anything in the horror genre.

Name: Ciara
Age: 24
Location: United Kingdom
Position: Senior News Editor
Bio: Born in the countryside of Co. Antrim, N.Ireland, Ciara works as a script supervisor and travels up and down the UK and Ireland on location shoots. She is a complete cinema nerd and has a BA Degree in Film. She is a follower of Six Nations Rugby, a J.K. Rowling fanatic and loves anything Karl Pilkington says. Her favourite book of the series is The Hunger Games and her favourite character is Katniss.

Name: Erin
Age: 32
Location: Canada
Position: Senior News Editor
Bio: Erin spent most of her life in Ohio, although she’s also lived in Texas, Montana, Hawaii, West Virginia, Illinois, and Scotland. She now resides in Canada with her husband.  She has a BA in English and a Master’s Degree in Publishing Studies. Erin enjoys reading, writing, and playing video games. She owes a great debt of gratitude to her sister for convincing her to read The Hunger Games, which are now among her all-time favorite books.

Name: Sarah
Age: 19
Location:United Kingdom
Position: Social Media/Senior News Editor
Bio: Sarah is an English girl and is the baby of the group. She is currently studying English Literature at University with hopes to be a journalist. Founder of film website ‘Focus Film’, she is a very creative and outgoing person who loves reading and movies. She hopes to travel the world one day and her favourite book of the series is Catching Fire.

Name: Tash
Age: 26
Location: Victoria, Australia
Position: Senior News Editor
Bio: Tash is your typical Aussie country girl, growing up in rural and regional Victoria. Tash has Bachelors degrees in IT and Business and currently works in Communications. Her favourite hobbies include gaming, car detailing, web design and anything and everything Hunger Games related. Tash’s favourite book of the series is Catching Fire, and her favourite character is Katniss (closely followed by Peeta).

Name: Camille
Age: 21
Location: Paris, France
Position: Senior News Editor
Bio:  Born and raised in Paris, she is currently studying psychology. Her favourite book of the series is Catching Fire and her favourite character is Katniss. She loves reading books and watching movies. She also likes sports and travelling.

Name: Carla
Age: 28
Location: Berlin, Germany
Position: Senior News Editor
Bio: Carla was born and raised in Panama City, Panama. She lived in the United States while getting her Chemical Engineering degree, then moved to Berlin to pursue a Masters degree. She spends most of her free time reading and writing (mainly fanfiction), fangirling over various books/movies/TV shows, and generally being a nerd. She is absolutely in love with Peeta, followed closely by Gale (“her boys”), and her favorite book in the series is Catching Fire.

Name: Tiffany
Age: Old :)
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Position: Senior News Editor
Bio: Born and Raised in Los Angeles, CA. Being surrounded by the Entertainment Industry her whole life it made sense that she landed making a living as a High Profile Personal Assistant and is currently on a new venture to become a Publicist. Her favorite book is “Catching Fire” and Her favorite character is Katniss and she strives to be as strong as Katniss is every day.

Junior Editors

Name: Hannah Chong
Location: Quebec, Canada
Position: Junior Editor, Instagram

Name: Natalie Ellem
Location: Australia
Position: Junior Reporter, Pinterist

Name: Jared Sharpe
Location: Georgia, USA
Position: Junior Editor

Name: Cory Simpson
Location: North Carolina, USA
Position: Junior Reporter, YouTube