Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote: Online, Missed Call & SMS Voting Methods

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote – Online Voting, Missed Call Voting and SMS Voting details are provided here in detail. Bigg Boss Malayalam voting will be live once the show is started. The malayalam version of the show is gonna air on 24th June 2018 and from the first week onwards you can start Bigg Boss vote malayalam using three methods. Currently there are three methods by which you can cast your vote to your favorite bigg boss contestant and save them from the eviction process. The malayalam bigg boss is gonna to be hosted by the complete actor Mohanlal. This is the first season of the bigg boss in malayalam language and hence the malayalee audiences are highly anxious about the show. The reason is that this will be one of the greatest reality shows that is to be aired in malayalam language. The other versions like bigg boss Tamil, Hindi, Marathi etc has already gained immense positive response from the audiences and became one of the greatest TV shows in India.

Here, in this article we will explain the online voting method and the missed call method as well. You just go through the methods described below and proceed with the one that suit you the most. Also if you have any queries and doubts, feel free to ask us via the comments section below.

Bigg Boss  Malayalam Contestants

We have already published a detailed article describing about the bigg boss malayalam participants and also a list of contestants are provided there. For your basic knowledge, there are 16 contestants at the starting and they have to complete the 100 days of the game while best candidates will survive the eviction and the other will be eliminated through the weekly eviction process. The process is done by the Bigg Boss of the House and the eviction will be based on the number of voted received by a candidate. Candidate with lesser number of votes will be eliminated and the other will survive the danger zone. So you can check the contestants of malayalam bigg boss.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote

Though no official information is out regarding the Bigg Boss Vote Malayalam, it will be most like to that in other version of the show like Bigg Boss Telugu Vote. Whatever it is, we can’t predict the same in case if the malayalam show. It may either be online voting or offline voting system the officials may choose. However let’s go through the basic methods of online voting online and missed call (offline) voting methods.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Online

The online voting of bigg boss malayalam may be using the google voting facility. Asianet channel may partner with Google and provide direct online voting facility to the audiences. In this method you can find the voting column instantly in the search engine results page when you type keywords related to bigg boss malayalam vote. So you can proceed directly by casting the vote from there.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote by Missed Call

This is an alternate voting method for the audience. In this, every contestants will be allotted with a specific phone number to which you have to make a missed call in order to cast your vote for that specific bigg boss participant.

Currently the candidate specific phone number and not yet available officially. When the same is available we will update the information in this page. So you can bookmark this page for future reference.

Bigg Boss Vote Malayalam by SMS

This is also another offline method for bigg boss malayalam voting. In this method, voting is done by sending SMS to a specific number by mentioning a contestant specific code in the prescribed format. The format or syntax for the SMS voting will updated here once it is officially available for the audience.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Winner 2018

The winner of the show will be announced after the game complete 100 days. The one who manages to complete 100 days without eviction will become the winner of malayalam bigg boss. The name of the winner will be updates as soon as it is announced officially.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestants Name List with Photos

Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestants Names or bigg boss malayalam participants list are the most sought information these days since the promo of Bigg Boss show in Malayalam Asianet is out in the Channel and the YouTube channel as well. So, you are eagerly waiting to know about the contestants name list and their details like photos and more.

Since the bigg boss malayalam host is none other than the complete actor Mohanlal, audiences are very anxious to see the programs live on the screen. The reason of the same is also due to the fact that the show is a malayalam version of Bigg Boss in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and several other Indian languages. The show was greatly influenced by the host name and also the popularity of the contestants.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestants Name List

The malayalam bigg boss start date is 14th June 2018. It’s pretty sure that this Bigg Boss format will certainly impress the audience. As per reports, Bigg Boss contestants are not only celebrities but also common men too. Once Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestant Names are announced officially, we will update the same along with their photos in our website within no time. So you can bookmark this page for future reference.

The Bigg Boss Malayalam Channel is Asianet/ Asianet HD. You can see the show in any of these channels and also on Hotstar. But you can only see the show on the day if telecast if you have a premium subscription in hoststar. So if you are crazy about the show just purchase a premium plan in hotstar to watch Bigg Boss Mallu show from that start date itself.

The Malayalam Bigg Boss winner will be announced at the last date probably on the 100th day of the show. According to the intensity of the buzz in the entertainment world, we can surely predict that the Bigg Boss Malayalam TV show will be a great programme with a large number of audience.

Update (23/06/2018)

Earlier it was said that the contestants for malayalam bigg boss will include persons like Ranjini Haridas, Priya Prakash Warrier, Seethalakshmi, Govind Padmasoorya ,Shriya Surendran, Archana Sushilan, Sreesanth, Deepan Murali, Ramesh Pisharody, Katni Kuzhithiram.

But according to the latest contestant list available, Archana Kavi, Shweta Menon, Ranjini Haridas, Anoop Chandran, Archana Sushilan, Peli Mani, Aristo Suresh, Hima Shankar, Deepa Murali, Dia Sana, Sreelakshmi Jagathy Sreekumar and Neha Scosana are the names of bigg boss contestants finalised for the season 1.

Though there is no official conformation regarding the above list, we can expect most of the above candidates in the original and confirmed list of participants.